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Video Borescopes for Automotive Engine Inspection

Videoscopes for Automotive and EV Inspection

Video borescopes are used in the manufacture and inspection of automobile engines and internal systems to access and visually inspect hard-to-reach areas. Automotive engine inspection borescopes are widely used for R&D and quality assurance.

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Automotive Video Inspection Scope Applications

Automotive Parts and Engine Inspection

Video borescopes are employed in the quality assessment of automotive parts and engines during the manufacturing and assembly processes. Engine inspection borescopes help ensure automobile engines and parts are defect-free, as even seemingly small faults can result in fatal traffic accidents and expensive recalls.

Our IPLEX™ series of engine inspection video borescopes enables fast and easy inspection of automobile engines and other internal systems, such as the drive system and exhaust system. These video inspection scopes provide durable visual inspection solutions for effective inspection in nearly every environment.

One of engine inspection borescopes in our IPLEX series, the IPLEX GX/GT videoscope, offers easy-to-switch interchangeable scopes. This is especially useful in engine inspection as scopes can become damaged when inserted into small areas with rough surfaces, such as engine blocks. 

Electric Vehicle Parts Inspection

In the automotive electric vehicle (EV) market, video borescopes are used to inspect inside critical components such as the batteries and motors. Specifically, video borescopes are used to check the interior of the battery after assembly as well as the condition of the rotor and stator in the motor. Video borescopes are used because the spaces inside of these components are very small and otherwise difficult to access. With Evident's video borescopes, a UV light source can be added to enhance measurement, observation, and investigation.

Borescopes for Automotive Engine Inspection



The IPLEX GX/GT videoscope delivers an optimal balance of versatility, imaging capabilities, and ease of use, offering interchangeable insertion tubes and light sources, an 8-inch touch screen, and advanced imaging features.


With an available 2.2 mm diameter flexible scope or a 1.8 mm rigid scope, the IPLEX TX II ultra-thin videoscope enables you to obtain a wide field of view in spaces where the opening is very small for faster inspections and easier decision making.

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Modern engine inspection video borescopes are driving efficiency and improving research in the automotive industry.

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Inspection of Machined Holes on Automotive Fuel Injection Valve

Gasoline and diesel automobile engines have slender air passages, fuel passages, and fuel injectors, which require thin engine borescopes to inspect them visually.

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