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Evident continues to reimagine, manufacture, and advance world-class microscope cameras, and our commitment remains unaffected by Olympus’ past divestiture of its consumer camera division.

Our digital microscope cameras allow you to capture high-quality images of samples. High resolution enables crisp, live images to be displayed at full resolution, offering clear observation and real-time focusing. Our digital microscope cameras are designed exclusively for use with microscopes. Providing seamless compatibility with both our microscopes and image analysis software systems, our digital microscope cameras offer high live frame rates at full resolution. Combined with PRECiV image analysis software, you can build an effective analysis station for acquiring microscope images, filtering, measuring, documenting, and archiving.

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Digital Cameras for Microscopes

DP75 Digital Camera for Microscopes

Make your microscope inspections more efficient with the powerful DP75 digital microscope camera. This high-performance tool is tailored for a range of applications and enables you capture high-resolution brightfield, darkfield, MIX (brightfield and darkfield), polarization, DIC, fluorescence, and near-infrared (NIR) observation* images.

* A microscope system for near-infrared observation is required.

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DP28 Digital Camera for Microscopes

The DP28 digital microscope camera combines powerful features, precise color accuracy, and up to 4K resolution across a wide field of view to provide high-resolution images of your inspection samples that are free from artifacts. Make your inspections fast and efficient with images that are sharp and clear, even when moving the stage.

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SC180 Digital Camera for Microscopes

The high-resolution, 18-megapixel SC180 color camera reveals your sample’s fine details and structures. The camera enables insightful observations by resolving more digitally-captured information on-screen than what you could otherwise see through the eyepieces.

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LC35 Digital Camera for Microscopes

The LC35 digital microscope camera provides cost-effective brightfield images for a range of samples under different observation conditions. With a 3.5-megapixel CMOS sensor, and up to 40 fps frame rate, and easy integration with Olympus microscopes and software, the LC35 color microscope camera balances image quality with affordability.

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The DP23M 6.4-megapixel digital microscope camera has a spectral response from visible light up to 1000 nm, making it ideal for near-infrared (IR) imaging. The camera is also equipped to provide dependable, high-quality gray scale and infrared microscopy images.

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DP23 Digital Camera for Microscopes

The DP23 digital microscope camera combines high image quality with precise color accuracy and convenient features to make your workflow easier. Providing advanced functions balanced with outstanding value, the DP23 camera is instrumental to perform almost any industrial imaging application.

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Digital Camera for Microscope FAQs

How to choose a microscope camera?

There are a variety of factors to take into account when choosing a microscope camera, and what is best for you will differ depending on your needs. The most important thing is to find the appropriate camera and optics for your chosen application. When considering image quality, the key features to look for are resolution, sensitivity and noise, frame rate, dynamic range, field of view, and color reproduction. Our white paper “What to Consider When Choosing a Microscope Camera” further explains the methods and technologies used by microscopy-dedicated cameras, and it details the key elements to consider when choosing a microscope camera.

Software for Digital Cameras

PRECiV™ Image Analysis Software: Navigate on Wafer

The Navigate on Wafer customized solution offers a multiposition measurement workflow for PRECiV users without a CAD drawing of their wafer layout. 

PRECiV™ Tutorial: Automated EFI Image Acquisition

This video tutorial will provide you with detailed instructions on how to acquire 3D images.

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