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Eddy Current Array Products

Eddy current array (ECA) technology provides the ability to electronically drive and read several eddy current sensors positioned side by side in the same probe assembly. With Evident eddy current array systems, data acquisition is made possible using multiplexing, which avoids mutual inductance between individual coils.

Eddy current array

Eddy Current Array Flaw Detectors

Omniscan MX ECA/ECT Flaw Detector

OmniScan MX ECA/ECT Flaw Detector

Use our OmniScan MX flaw detector with ECA/ECT module to perform eddy current array testing of conductive materials. The test configuration supports 32 sensor coils (up to 64 with an external multiplexer) working in bridge or transmit-receive mode. The operating frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 6 MHz with the option of using multiple frequencies in the same acquisition.

Additional Eddy Current Array Equipment

Eddy Current Array Probes

Eddy Current Array Probes

Evident eddy current array probes enable you to operate multiple eddy current sensors from a single system. Explore our complete selection here. 
Eddy Current Array Bar Inspection System

Eddy Current Array Bar Inspection System (BIS-ECA)

The BIS-ECA is a fully automated turnkey inspection system that is integrated into the metal production line to monitor safety and quality requirements of raw materials in both round and square forms.

Eddy Current Array FAQs

What’s the difference between ECA and ECT?

Eddy current array technology is an extension of traditional eddy current testing (ECT). While traditional ECT uses a single element, eddy current array probes employ an array of elements, enabling faster inspections, wider coverage, and more consistent results. Learn more about the difference between eddy current array technology and traditional eddy current testing in the eddy current array tutorial.

Additional Automotive Engine Inspection Borescope Resources

Eddy Current Array Tutorial

Learn more about eddy current array technology, from its history to its uses, in the ECA tutorial.

Eddy Current Array Tutorial

Introduction to Eddy Current Array Technology

Discover the basic principles of eddy current array technology and how it works.

Eddy Current Array Technology

Introduction to Eddy Current Array Probes

Learn how eddy current array probes work to provide more comprehensive imaging of test material.

Eddy Current Array Probes

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