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Thickness Measurements and Flaw Detection of Ceramics

Ceramic Parts, Coatings

New techniques in the manufacture of ceramics have led to many new high-performance and heat resistant ceramics that have found increasing use in the automotive, aerospace, and electronic industries.

Most structural and electronic ceramic components are well suited for ultrasonic thickness gaging. Fired ceramics can generally be measured over a wide thickness range and with a great degree of precision. Ultrasonic gages can be used to measure the thickness of structural ceramic products such as turbine blades, valves, and other engine components. Elastic modulus can also be calculated through measurement of longitudinal and shear wave velocities.

In addition to basic wall thickness measurements, ultrasonic gages can measure ceramic coatings on most substrates. Ultrasonics is also a technique well suited the nondestructive detection of flaws, irregularities, and bond integrity in ceramic parts and components.

Because of the wide variety of physical properties in ceramic materials, it is recommended that a sales engineer be consulted for final selection of instrumentation.

Olympus IMS

EPOCH 6LT便携式超声探伤仪经过优化,可使检测人员单手完成操作,并在需要借助绳索进行攀爬和对便携性能有很高要求的应用中,出色地完成检测任务。EPOCH 6LT仪器的重量很轻,且其设计符合人体工程学的要求,操作人员手持仪器可以安全地进行检测操作,也可以在需要借助绳索进行攀爬的应用中将仪器绑缚在腿上进行检测。
EPOCH 650仪器是一款常规超声探伤仪,具有优质的检测性能和广泛的适用性:可用于许多检测应用。这款简单直观、坚固耐用的仪器脱胎于广受欢迎的EPOCH 600探伤仪:EPOCH 650仪器添加了一些EPOCH 600探伤仪没有的功能。


用途广泛的38DL PLUS测厚仪既可与双晶探头一起使用,测量被腐蚀管道的厚度,也可与单晶探头一起使用,对薄材料或多层材料进行非常精确的厚度测量。
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